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Ventilation type aging test box in the plastic industry


From the above, we can understand from the above that there are generally two methods for plastics in the venting aging test. First, when testing at a single temperature, all plastic materials should be exposed simultaneously in the same device. The number of parallel samples per material during each exposure cycle should be sufficient to ensure that test results used to characterize material properties can be compared by analysis of variance or similar statistical analysis; At the time of testing, in order to determine the relationship between the specified performance change and temperature, a minimum of four temperatures should be used.

(1) The minimum temperature should be able to change the performance or cause the product to fail to the expected level within about six months. The second temperature is higher and should be able to change performance or bring the product to the same level in about one month.

(2) The third and fourth temperatures should be able to reach the desired level in approximately one week and one day, respectively.

(3)Test the selected properties of a set of non-exposed samples, including state adjustment, in accordance with applicable test methods. The following are the specific test procedures for plastic materials in the ventilation aging test:

1. Mount the sample on the sample holder and place the sample holder in the heat aging test chamber to ensure that both sides of the sample are exposed to the air flow. In order to minimize the effects of temperature changes in the heat aging test chamber, it is recommended to periodically adjust the position of the specimen or sample holder.

2. Expose the retained series of samples at the specified temperature for a selected time interval. These samples were adjusted according to the prescribed methods after exposure and then tested. If a non-heated aging effect is expected, then a set of aging parallel samples that are not thermally exposed should be conditioned and tested.

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