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What are the characteristics of the plastic box?


Blister is a plastic processing technology. The main principle is to heat and soften the flat plastic sheet. It is vacuum-adsorbed on the surface of the mold and cooled to form. It is widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, advertising and other industries. In a broad sense, a blister box refers to all blister shells. In a narrow sense, it is only a type of blister: it is molded into a plastic box by a sheet, and the lid is connected to the container. It is made of PS, and it also separates the cover from the bottom. The following large-scale plastic website - Jiuzhi Plastics Network takes everyone to look at the three characteristics of the plastic box, as follows:

What are the characteristics of the plastic box?

(1) Protection products
After the production of digital products, it is necessary to use blister box packaging to protect the products for direct sales. In order to prevent the items from reaching the point of sale, they are scattered and can better ensure the integrity of the items. Therefore, the products will be packaged in blister boxes. The packaging can also be better served to the destination.
(2) Promote sales
The use of blister boxes can promote sales. Packaging has the function of identifying and beautifying products, which can attract purchase and guide consumption. As an important part of the form product, if you choose to use the blister box as the packaging business, you need to pay attention to the packaging design of the blister box. Image Design.
(3) upgrade grade

The blister box packaging also has the effect of improving the grade. The good outer packaging can better reflect the value of one item of the package, and can also improve the grade of the product and obtain higher value. Because the packaged product is convenient for storage and storage, it is convenient to transport and reduce damage. In addition, it can increase market sales and increase profits. In the competitive industry, it can better reflect the value of the goods and enhance the competitiveness of the peers. The outer packaging of the goods is one of the important factors, and the quality of the goods themselves must be guaranteed.

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