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New stationery products, how to promote to create value


The development of Stationery Products has made more and more student stationery a lot of fashion elements. It can be said that each new stationery has infused many designers' creativity and efforts, so the new product launch is not important for stationery manufacturers. Raising the price of the product is the most effective way to increase profits. The problem is that the price of the product is transparent and the terminal price is difficult to raise. A hard price hike will lead to a rapid decline in sales. So the theoretically most effective method is very risky in the actual operation. The method of direct price increase is not feasible, and the most effective method is to upgrade the product and improve the high-end new products with higher added value. This will not only solve the problem of the price of the channel, but also change the problem of the loss of the pin. To improve the success rate of high-end products, we must solve the following problems:


First, positioning products, refining selling points

Products with core technologies are relatively competitive, because core technology is the best selling point. For products without core technology, we can refine its selling point and enhance the competitiveness of the product. Generally speaking, student stationery is a product with low technical content. In the industry, product homogeneity is very serious. How to sell the same product differently depends on the product's selling point refining. The more prominent the selling point, the easier it is for consumers to remember that once consumer perception is formed, the product is destined to sell well and is destined to become the industry standard. A clear selling point will form a standard for a certain category, and a new stationery product will also promote the development of a certain stage of the enterprise. The refinement of the product selling point must be related to the quality and characteristics of the product, otherwise it is the passive water. The selling point of the product must be the most essential thing of the product. The more essential the essence, the easier it is for consumers to remember.

Second, profit distribution, reasonable promotion

The reasonable setting of channel profit and promotion is to solve the problem that customers can't pick up the goods and take the initiative to "sell or sell" products after receiving the goods. There are products that sell some, customers do not pick up the goods, they will only be rotten in the warehouse of the enterprise. When the customer picks up the goods and does not take the initiative to promote the product, the product will be unsalable in the customer warehouse. When the channel profit of the new product is at least twice the profit of the best seller, the channel customer has the enthusiasm to promote the new product. The channel profit requirements are different for different regions. The one-piece profit requirement for a batch of south of the Yangtze River is more than twice the single-piece profit requirement of the market in the north of the Yangtze River. Different channel profit requirements are different. The monopoly of resources by special channels determines that its requirements for profits are higher than those of conventional channels.

Third, the distribution of goods, gifts attract

Consumers are influenced by consumption habits when purchasing products, first choose the best-selling products, and secondly choose the new products with the attitude of trying. Therefore, the terminal promotion during the distribution period is to solve the problem of consumers buying “buy or not” new products for the first time. Different channel terminal promotions are also different. For consumers who purchase regular tanks, the prize card or physical object (toothbrush, towel, poker, ballpoint pen, etc.) is better. For the special channel, it is better to use the "high price and high promotion" to directly return cash. For the modern channel (Shangchao), it is better to use five bags as a promotion unit.

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