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Is PVC plastic packing box safe?


Nowadays, people's life is getting faster and faster. The convenience of taking-out is the first choice for many overtime white-collar workers. Generally, the boxes for general take-out are usually made of PVC plastic, but most people think that plastic lunch boxes are just a kind of container. But often it ignores whether it affects health and is harmful to humans. So, do we usually use PVC plastic lunch boxes and PVC Plastic Cups with hot drinks to cause harm to the body? The following is a small common sense about the number of Plastic Products.
1, the number "1", made of PET, mainly used in mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles, etc.; heat to 65 degrees Celsius, cold to -20 degrees Celsius. Pay attention to the use: excessive heating will melt out harmful substances; it should not be recycled, and it is not suitable to install hot water.
2, the number "2", made of HDPE, is mainly used for the packaging of cleaning products and bath products; the lack is difficult to thoroughly clean and can not be recycled.
3, the number "3", made of PVC, mainly used to make some decorative materials, rarely used for food packaging; heat to 81 degrees Celsius, need to pay attention: not for food packaging.
4, the number "4", made of LDPE, mainly used to make plastic wrap, plastic film; heat to 110 degrees Celsius, it should be noted that when using a microwave oven, do not wrap food with plastic wrap.
5, the number "5", made of PP, mainly used for soy milk bottles, yogurt bottles, juice drinks bottles, microwave lunch boxes, need to pay attention to high temperature to 120 degrees Celsius, low temperature to -20 degrees Celsius, need to pay attention to: When putting it into the microwave oven, remove the lid (because the cost is relatively high, the lid is generally not made of special PP but made of PET No.1. Since PET cannot withstand high temperatures, it cannot be placed in the microwave oven together with the box.
6, the number "6", made of PS, generally used in bowls of instant noodles boxes, fast food boxes; temperature resistance to 70 degrees Celsius; use should pay attention to: 1, do not use microwave oven to cook bowls of instant noodles; 2, try not to use Fast food boxes go packed with hot food.
7, the number "7", made of PC, generally used in kettles, cups, bottles;

We found that the lunch boxes and hot drinks cups that are generally used for packing are mostly made of PVC plastic No. 5 PP products. Under normal circumstances, the safe heat-resistant temperature of No. 5 PP plastic is about 120 degrees Celsius, while rice or hot soup and hot drinks are the highest. The temperature is 100 degrees Celsius. Therefore, PP plastic packaging boxes can be used with confidence. It should be noted that the packing box used in many restaurants is PS plastic No. 6, and the heat resistance of PS plastic is only 70 degrees Celsius, so try to avoid packing the hot food with the PS made of No. 6 PS. When ordering food or when ordering, you must pay attention to what type of PVC plastic packaging box is used. After all, these daily things are closely related to our health.

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