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Implement green packaging strategy to promote paper products


Storage Boxes CardboardThe process for producing pulp molded products is to pulp waste paper pulp into pulp, and then vacuum-adsorption the mold in a special shape (similar to the shape of the package), and then transfer, demoulding, and baking. Dry and other processes, and some also need to carry out an appropriate type, namely a special packaging liner.

In the entire production process, most of them are physical processes. Even if there is a need to add a little reinforcing agent and water repellent agent, there will be no impact on the health of workers and the environment. There are two ways to use water in the production process, one part is evaporated by drying and the other part can be recycled. Therefore, its production process is also "green".

After the pulp molded products are packaged, the waste disposal method also has its flexibility. Generally, there are three ways to go. One is to recycle and reuse paper or to continue to make molded pulp products. The second is natural degradation, which acts as a fertilizer and increases soil organic matter. Thirdly, it can be burned without need of emergency treatment. No toxic gas is produced. So the waste of pulp molded products is also "green."

u Pulp moulded products are very useful in the packaging of goods Pulp moulded products are directly moulded by the adsorption of the pulp through moulds. The strength is good and the shape is fixed. It has the protective properties for the goods and is easy to use and economical and practical.

Pulp molded products have been commonly used in egg trays, fruit trays, and bottle holders. In the process of long-distance transportation of eggs, damage is unavoidable. Different packaging, different modes of transportation, and varying degrees of damage are generally 8-10%, but if they are packed in egg trays, even if they are transported on a tertiary road by car, Breakage rate will not exceed 2%, it can be seen that its protective properties of the goods; after fruit packaging with fruit, not only reduce the mutual squeeze, deformation, deterioration, mildew between fruits, but also to increase the color of the fruit, Convenient for consumers to choose to buy; the use of beer liners is the most widely used, and the effect is not only to reduce the damage of the beer in the process of transport, the bottle explosion hurts, but more importantly, the packaging is convenient, the overall packaging effect is good, can make the trademark Complete wrinkle-free, trademark printing will not wear, greatly improve the quality of goods, the most typical is the majority of automotive transportation overturned due to gravity crushed, because the bottle collision damage is less, but also can see its protection of goods Now.

The biggest advantage of pulp molded products is that they can process products with different thicknesses, strengths, whiteness, and precision according to the nature and grade of the packaged goods, which can greatly reduce the cost of packaging and increase economic efficiency.

u Pulp-molded products have a wide range of applications With the development and application of pulp molding technology, paper-Plastic Products are not only limited to commodity packaging, but are now applied in agriculture, fast food products, and medical applications.

In agriculture, we have developed a paper plastic nursery to replace plastic rakes. We can transplant pods directly into the fields, eliminating the need for removing the roots during transplanting, increasing the survival rate of seedlings, and shortening the seedling growth period. The body rot turns into fertilizer, increasing soil organic matter, and greatly increasing the effect of seedling cultivation. Silkworm rearing square clusters can improve the quality of silkworm cocoons and the quality of silk. Pulp molding square clusters are easy to use and have a long service life, and are welcomed by silkworm farmers. Paper-plastic flowerpots are unique in that they not only beautify the environment, but also eliminate the difficulty of empty collection of flowerpots in cities. In the process of controlling white pollution, pulp molded snacks have risen suddenly, are unique in the trend, have the advantages of rich raw materials, simple technology, beautiful appearance, convenient use, low cost, and can be recycled, etc., and do not take too long. Tableware will make a major contribution to the management of white pollution!

In the medical field, there are even more aspects that pulp molded products can contribute to. In addition to pharmaceutical packaging, hospital disposable medical devices such as disposable cesiums, disposable urinals, disposable surgical basins, and some fractures such as arms Fractures can be fixed with paper and plastic models, increase skin permeability and restore faster.

In addition, paper and plastic are also useful in children's toys, teaching aids, and travel supplies. For example, children's faces, primary school children's work materials, and travel disposable sunshades can be molded with pulp.

Because paper-plastic products have their unique advantages, they can have unexpected effects after being used in certain areas. Therefore, with the development of pulp molding technology and the widening of the fields of application, it will be likened to the future. Now EPS foam plastic stuffed into every space of people's lives.

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